AmPac Biotech is a Fresno, CA based company located in the heart of the Central Valley.  Our products have been proven effective for promoting plant growth and enhancing plant's natural ability for disease resistance on various field crops, vegetables, ornamentals plants, and golf courses for the growers, farmers and homeowners.

     AmPac Biotech recognizes that the key to any agricultural product is its effectiveness. While Plant Helper is a totally organic product that safe guards the environment, its chief attribute is its ability to increase yield.  AmPac Biotech blends uncompromising science with business practicality to bring products to our customers that are both safe and economical.Boxes

     Our state of the art facilities are carefully watched by a team of experienced research leaders, senior production supervisors and  well trained support technicians.  Production of our product, Plant Helper, is done right at our 10,000 sq. ft. facility.  From Phase 1 (Triple Spore-Suspended  Re-Isolation) to the final formulation and packaging of our products, a strict quality control program assures that our products will deliver consistent results each and every time.


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