1). How does a Plant Helper increase plant growth?

A) As with mycrorhizal organisms, Trichoderma benefits the plant by enhancing the plants ability to uptake water and tightly bound nutrients from the soil. There are a couple of reasons for this, the first being that the fungal filaments in the soil act as extensions for the root system, greatly improving the plants ability to utilize the soil. The second reason is that the Trichoderma release a powerful natural chemical that captures and helps break down nutrients that are tightly bound in the soil.

2). Is Plant Helper harmful to animals or children?

A) No, Trichoderma is a naturally occurring soil borne organism and is found in most soils. It will also not grow in mammals systems due to the body temperature.

3). If Trichoderma is already in the soil why do I need to apply Plant Helper?

A)While Trichoderma is already in the soil, so are the harmful organisms. The addition of Plant Helper will increase the colonies and enhance the growth and protection for your plants root system. Much like the natural vitamins and anti-bodies found in the human body, they too need to be supplemented to protect and help the body grow.

4)What does Organic mean?

A) This simply means we use only natural ingredients approved by very strict and stringent organic governing agencies to grow and produce Plant Helper. This is not a chemical product. Plant Helper is a natural product containing live organisms.

5) How difficult is it to apply?

A) The ease of application is one of Plant Helpers attributes. It can be applied by root drench, spray, foliar, seed coating soil drench and drip system.

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